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    1. 8318 Brushless Drone Motor
    2. 30″ Carbon Propeller
    3. Mounting Hardware
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    • Triple Modular Redundancy
    • Precision Controls with Fault-Tolerance
    • Compatible with D-RTK GNSS, Smart ESCs, Intelligent Batteries, and Lightbridge 2
    • DJI SDK Compatibility
    • Precise Configuration with DJI Assistant 2
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    DJI Lightbridge 2
    To make you look farther and clearer, Lightbridge 2 once again breaks through the technical challenges. Integrated remote control with advanced
    Wireless Link Dynamic Adaptation Technology, Lightbridge 2 sets wireless image transmission with unprecedented power and reliability
    The new standard, whether for FPV flight or live TV, is handy and gives you the experience of visiting the scene.
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    Configuration: 36N30P

    Shaft Diameter: 15mm

    Bearing: EZO

    Motor Dimensions: 152*63 mm

    Motor Weight: 2750 g

    Product Boxed Weight: 3000 g

    Propeller Mounting Holes: 6 x M6 d50 mm

    Motor Mounting Holes: 6 x M6 d50mm

    No load current: 3.9 A/ 48 V

    Max current (60 Secs): 199A

    Max power (60 Secs): 17742 W

    Maximum Thrust: 79530 g(24S)

    Internal resistance: 20.8 m Ohm

    Efficiency at 14000 g Thrust: 12.90 g/w

    Rotor Balanced:Yes

    Heavy Duty Design: Yes

    Protection: IP35

    Heat Dissipation: Centrifugual fan

    Propeller adapter: 1pcs

    Wire: Winding Extended 150mm

    Additional Accessories: Carbon Prop Cover, Prop Adapter, 12 x M6 Bolts for prop and adaptor

    Propeller size: 46″ – 50″ (24S)

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    Dualcopter Tricopter Y6 Quadcopter + Quadcopter X Hexcopter + Hexcopter X Octocopter + Octocopter X X8 + X8 X H8 H6 V8 V6 Aero 1S Aileron Aero 2S Aileron Flying Wing Singlecopter 2M 2S Singlecopter 1M 4S (Custom Mix via the “Mixer Editor” option) The Mixer Editor allows you to adjust where and how much signal the motors receive from stick input and sensors. This allows you to create any configuration possible with up to 8 motors or servos.

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    Material: PCBA
    Description: AMPX 200 Amp Speed Controller
    LiPo: 5-12S
    Programmable Timing: Adaptive on/of
    Weight: 320 g for 200 Amp Speed Controller
    Signal frequency: 50-550 Hz
    BEC: not available
    Size: 117.5 x 56.3 x 42.8 mm
    Certificate: CE ROHS
    Motor line: 8AWG
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    • New core software for multirotor controllers with improved throttle response
    • Excellent compatibility with high pole type motors like MAD motors
    • Simple timing selctable.
    • Crosstalk reduction of signal transmission.
    • Compatibility with wide range of flight controllers.
    • Signal frequency above 50-550Hz.
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    Brand Name: MAD components
    Model Number: MAD AMPX 80A
    Usage: BOAT, FAN, home appliance, multirotor
    Certification: ce, ROHS
    Continuous Current(A): 80A
    Max continous Current: 80A
    Peak current: 120A
    BEC: not available
    Lipo: 5-14S
    Weight (without lines): 90g
    Feature: Smoothly Running
    Size: 79.6x36x23.5mm
    Working temp: – 20℃~65℃
    Power Line: 16AWG
    Signal frequency: 50-500Hz
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    Model Number: M50 C35
    Material: Aluminum Alloy, Steel
    Function: With Remote Control
    RPM/V: 34KV, 40KV
    Max thrust: 91kg