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    1. 8318 Brushless Drone Motor
    2. 30″ Carbon Propeller
    3. Mounting Hardware
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    Configuration: 36N30P

    Shaft Diameter: 15mm

    Bearing: EZO

    Motor Dimensions: 152*63 mm

    Motor Weight: 2750 g

    Product Boxed Weight: 3000 g

    Propeller Mounting Holes: 6 x M6 d50 mm

    Motor Mounting Holes: 6 x M6 d50mm

    No load current: 3.9 A/ 48 V

    Max current (60 Secs): 199A

    Max power (60 Secs): 17742 W

    Maximum Thrust: 79530 g(24S)

    Internal resistance: 20.8 m Ohm

    Efficiency at 14000 g Thrust: 12.90 g/w

    Rotor Balanced:Yes

    Heavy Duty Design: Yes

    Protection: IP35

    Heat Dissipation: Centrifugual fan

    Propeller adapter: 1pcs

    Wire: Winding Extended 150mm

    Additional Accessories: Carbon Prop Cover, Prop Adapter, 12 x M6 Bolts for prop and adaptor

    Propeller size: 46″ – 50″ (24S)

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    Model Number: M50 C35
    Material: Aluminum Alloy, Steel
    Function: With Remote Control
    RPM/V: 34KV, 40KV
    Max thrust: 91kg