Ivan: Electric Paramotor Throttle

I like this Electric Paramotor Throttle, it is well made, feels solid in your hand and i love that i can see the voltage and remaining power left. It was easy to connect to my ESC, it is base on a servo tester, as long as the ESC has regular pos/neg/signal wires. The instrucion are straightforward and easy to understand. I used this throttle on my Eone – electric paramotor unit, with 12090 motor, 66.6 volts (18S) and a ESC 450A, Polini Thor 80 propeller.

Sothea: 300A 3-16S Car ESC OPTO

All I can say is the motor is very powerful. .sense I got the motor I can not do full throttle..now I only running 1/4 throttle. .full throttle will flip over..loving it alot…And guys if you get this motor (300a car epowerhobby 12-16s) dont forget to use an external 7.4v pack to power the reciever. .have fun and enjoy life.

Philippe: 2.4Ghz Remote control

I purchased an item from E-Power Hobby and needed technical help. My questions were quickly answered, and problem solved. Thank you for a great customer service.

E-Power Hobby – 12090/S Sensored Outrunner brushless motor 80KV 18000W

I’ve been very impressed with the response that I’ve received from Dmitri regarding the purchase process of the two brushless motors that I’ve purchased. The brushless motors that epowerhobby offers are by far the most powerful motors you can buy for your dollar. Epowerhobby’s motors effectively take over from where the popular Tunigy Rotomax 150 leaves off. They also sell controllers that support their smaller motors. Their really big motors will probably require large controllers most likely supplied by other manufacturers.

Cheers, Ted Calderone

Attila: 120100/SW Sensored Outrunner brushless motor 50KV 25000W water cooled

E-Power Hobby has some of the highest power density motors available anywhere and the high power ESCs necessary to run them. They offer custom solutions to suit the needs of any project with prices available nowhere else on the web. I am very satisfied with the quality of the products I received and working with E-Power Hobby has been a pleasant experience from start to finish. I highly recommend them!

Danny: 350A 22S Sport2 Jet-36 mosfet ESC HV

Dmitri, I received the 350 amp ESC within the time you allowed, a little
over a week, It programmed very easy on my PC with your help and
instructions. The unit looks top notch in quality and overall appearance. I
just received my batteries and will give you a performance report very soon.

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