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    Dedicated design for KingKongIII Pro ESC, it is easy to apply to parameter setting of KIII pro series ESC and real-time flight data telemetry

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    Electric Paramotor Throttle – 3D Printed

    Servo Tester Component Spec:

    Output: ≤15mA (5.0)
    Input: DC 4.2-6.0v
    Output signal: 1.5ms ± 0.5ms

    Battery Included:
    9Volt Lithium Battery 1200mAh – none rechargeable

    Servo on/off switch
    ESC kill switch

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    EPPG Motor and ECS Mount with Hardware

    The price is for:

    • 1 x MAD M40C30 Motor Mount (Material: 6061 Aluminum)
    • 4 x Motor Mount Supports (Material: 6061 Aluminum)
    • 4 x Controller Supports (Material: PLA, 3D Printed)
    • 4 x M5 50mm long Controller Supports Bolts with Nylon-Insert Locknut
    • 14 x M6 Bolts (Super-Corrosion-Resistant 316 Stainless Steel Socket Head Screws)
    • Motor Mount Spacer

    Paint: Powder Coated Aluminum
    Color: Red

    Fits with KANGOOK Vikking Paramotor Frame and E-Power Hobby – Fulcrum III SHV Controller

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    E-PROPS PLUG’n’FLY propeller 2-blades for paramotor / paratrike (PPG)
    Model for engine : MAD M40 30C

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    Propeller Locking Hub 6M6-50mm

    • Material Aluminium 6061
    • Color: Red
    • Powder Coated
    • 6 x Super-Corrosion-Resistant 316 Stainless Steel Socket Head Screw, M6 x 1 mm Thread, 70 mm Long (Feeds E-Props)