E-Power Hobby ESC (Peak: 500A) – 90V(22S) with Heat Sink


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1. Updated to the most recent firmware
2. Battery voltage from 16V to 90V
3. Two-way communication with PC
4. User upgradeable firmware
5. Motor wire can be check while Connecting the power battery
6. Parameter setting from PC
7. Li-MH/Li-Po, Ni-Cd/Ni-Mh, LiFe battery chemistries supported.
8. Enables setting the voltage per cell for the point at which the controller’s cut off circuitry engages.
Li-MH/Li-Po 2.0-3.6V
N i-Cd/Ni-Mh .4-1.0V
LiFe 2.2-2.8V
9. Reverse direction. Adjustable reverse delay
10. Adjustable motor power
11. Automatic throttle detection, Automated shutdown if lost throttle connection
12. Adjustable Timing setting (0°-30°)
14. Peak 500A. Constant 300A with good heat dissipation and low voltage (24v to 50v)
15. Voltage must be under 100 volts.


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