E-Paraglider Electric Paramotor Kit

E-Paraglider Electric Paramotor Kit



E-Paraglider Electric Paramotor Kit


  • Thrust: 120lbs
  • Power: 9-10 kWt
  • Flight time: Depends on Battery Capacity
  • Construction: Aluminum Frame, Cage
  • Weight without batteries: 40lbs


  • Carbon Fiber Propeller E-Props (very light weight)
  • Aluminum Frame, Cage, 2 J-Bars
  • Aluminum Motor Mount with all hardware
  • Wire Clips
  • 35kWt Electric Motor
  • 30kWt 28S Controller
  • Fully Assembled throttle controller (Voltage Display, On/Off Switch)
  • All the necessary wiring, nuts and bolts, XT-90 connectors

Just Need: Batteries, Battery Bag, Harness and Wing

Additional information

Weight40 lbs


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