Revolutionize Your Charging Experience with the Multi Charger 4B6AC

Revolutionize Your Charging Experience with the Multi Charger 4B6AC

Experience Efficient, Simultaneous Charging for All Battery Types


The Multi Charger 4B6AC, also known as the Quattro 4×6, is a groundbreaking charging device designed to cater to the charging needs of various battery types. Whether you have a LiPo, LiFePo4, NiMH, or any other type of battery pack, the Quattro 4×6 is designed to provide a seamless, efficient, and safe charging experience. This versatile charger can simultaneously charge four battery packs, making it an essential tool for hobbyists, professionals, and enthusiasts alike.


Key Features

  1. Simultaneous Charging for Four Battery Packs One of the most prominent features of the Multi Charger 4B6AC is its ability to charge four battery packs simultaneously. No matter the battery type, the Quattro 4×6 ensures efficient and safe charging for all your battery packs. Gone are the days of waiting for one battery to finish charging before starting the next – simply plug in your battery packs and let the Quattro 4×6 do the rest.

  2. Four High-Performance Microprocessors To enable individual charging of each battery pack, the Quattro 4×6 is equipped with four high-performance microprocessors. These microprocessors ensure accurate and efficient charging for each battery, optimizing the charging process and prolonging the life of your battery packs.

  3. Efficient Cooling System Safety is paramount when it comes to charging batteries, and the Multi Charger 4B6AC has got you covered. Its efficient cooling system ensures that the charger remains cool and safe throughout the charge or discharge process, preventing any potential hazards and ensuring a safe charging experience.

  4. Independent Ports for Versatile Charging The Quattro 4×6 boasts independent ports, allowing you to charge different types of batteries simultaneously. For example, you can balance charge a LiPo pack on Port-1 while series charging a LiFePo4 or NiMH battery on Port-2. The independence of each port offers unparalleled versatility, making the Quattro 4×6 a must-have device for those with multiple battery types.


The Multi Charger 4B6AC, or Quattro 4×6, is the ultimate charging solution for anyone who uses various battery types. With its simultaneous charging capabilities, high-performance microprocessors, efficient cooling system, and independent ports, the Quattro 4×6 offers convenience, efficiency, and safety for all your charging needs. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, the Quattro 4×6 is an essential tool that will revolutionize the way you charge your batteries.

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