E-Power Hobby will be closed from the March 30 to the April 30th. During this period orders will not be processed and we will not be able to reply to any queries or give support as we normally do. Orders will be processed on our return.

E-Power Hobby Electric Skateboard Kit 90mm wheels. Click here to view product details…

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Dear Customers,

E-Power Hobby, LLC is keeping low prices for all of our products. In order to keep prices low, we need time for having customized RC put in production at convenience time and cheap delivery. Otherwise prices will be double. International customers, please verify shipping fees and stock availability before placing an order. U.S. customers, pease verify stock availability before placing an order.


Please be aware that backorder products can take up to 6 working weeks to be available and then be dispatched to the final customers. Some hot sales items are pre ordered from customers. The availability, in some cases, can be longer.

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